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Navigating the College Process for Students with Mental Health Concerns-Five Week Series


Date: 5/13, 5/20, 5/27, 6/3, 6/10 

Time: 11AM ET


"Navigating The College Process for Students with Mental Health Concerns" is a Facebook Live event featuring Adrienne Frumberg and Gregg Pauletti, experts in college placement for students with mental health concerns. They will be discussing considerations for the college search, disclosure of mental health on the application, testing and accommodations needed to help students with mental health issues find success at the college level. We will also highlight college campuses that are particularly supportive to students' mental health. We look forward to taking your questions during the FB Live!

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Gregg Pauletti, MA 

Founder & Director, RCHI Group

Gregg is the Founder and Director RCHI Group, whose goal is improving the long-term outcomes of young adults living with mental health challenges. Gregg received his master's degree in Counseling at Pace University and studied Human Development and Family Studies at University of Vermont, was trained in the field of Cognitive Remediation, and spent over a decade working with young adults with mental illness and disabilities transition to college. He points students to schools which can provide the best fit.


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Webinar: "The Fear of Failure to Launch"

Date: Monday, June 15th

Time: 2:30 PM ET / 12:30 PM MST


Adrienne and Joanna will discuss ways for parents and professionals to approach students who go to college and unravel for a variety of reasons. They will highlight ways to emotionally support students, discuss college and treatment programs that offer strong support and how to decide when to reenter college. In addition, case studies will be offered as a tool for attendee to get a full understanding of the process. 



Co-Presenter Bio:




Joanna Lilley, MA, NCC - Therapeutic Consultant, Gap Year Consultant, and College Success Coach.  Specializing in helping young adults and their families during the most important time in adulthood.  Proactively supporting young adults with a mental health history who are launching into the collegiate world, or reactively providing support when the young adult  launches and unravels.  Regardless of the transition timeline, Lilley Consulting can step in to provide resources and guidance.  


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