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"Adrienne really helped me with my college applications. First, we met and put together a plan in the spring of my Junior year. Part of that plan was identifying my reach, target, and likely schools, which she organized on a spreadsheet for me with data. Adrienne’s knowledge about the various schools I was considering was invaluable in this respect. As application submission dates approached, we set out a schedule that encompassed all of the essays I would need to prepare for the schools to which I was applying. We met regularly (via zoom) to make sure I stayed on track. Adrienne reviewed all of my written submissions and provided specific, helpful feedback that helped me better express what I really wanted to say. In the end, I was accepted early decision into the College of Engineering at Cornell University and I couldn’t have done it without her guidance and support."

-Student accepted to Cornell, Class of 2026

"Working with Adrienne was a wonderful experience. From the first meeting, I knew that she was more than competent to advise me and my twin sons on the ins and outs of applying to college. She was able to de-escalate the stress and anxiety that we were all feeling regarding the process.  


From experience, I know that applying to college is a daunting process. Having twin sons who are on two very different paths, left me quite concerned about which schools would be appropriate. Adrienne met individually with each of my sons and was easily able to engage with them to openly discuss their goals and preferences. Adrienne then compiled a comprehensive list of schools tailored to their specific needs.


With their work cut out for them, my boys began their essays and applications. Adrienne was available every step of the way. There was never a time that she was not responsive to their questions and concerns. That included a very late night call before an early admissions deadline. Adrienne remained calm and insightful, which kept us grounded.


Now that all the applications are in and we are receiving letters of acceptance, I am reminded of how Adrienne and her talents were instrumental in our success."

-Parent of twins accepted to Muhlenberg College Class & Cornell University Class of 2022

"Not only did Adrienne do an outstanding job of keeping my son on track and focused but she had a calming voice in the midst of a chaotic time - the college application process.  She was on top of deadlines, knowledgable of schools, organized and a pleasure to work with.  Her reassuring demeanor and can-do attitude were so helpful and appreciated.  With Adrienne’s guidance my son was accepted to his first-choice Early Decision. "

-Parent of a student attending University of Miami, Class of 2024

"We are thrilled that our daughter had such a successful college application process and so proud that she is now officially enrolled at New York University.  Thank you so much for all your wonderful help, we could not have done it without you!"

-Parent of a student attending NYU, Class of 2024

"Adrienne has built a great relationship and rapport with our son and has been terrific at managing him throughout this process. I also think Adrienne has a good tight process stylistically which is particularly helpful for boys with ADHD who struggle with ambiguity. Finally, our son liked working with your intern too. The chemistry was good all around and that makes a huge difference."

-Parent of a student attending Drexel, Class of 2025

"Adrienne was a godsend in helping my child with the college application process. She was organized, thorough, pleasant and enthusiastic throughout which set a very positive and calming tone. Adrienne continuously involved my child to own the process from writing requests to coaches and teachers to navigating and researching college websites and resources to get a full picture understanding of the schools and what each had to offer in line with my child’s priorities and interests.  In short, she provided excellent support with results and valuable advocacy skills at the same time. We highly recommend Adrienne." 

-Parent of a student attending Marist College, Class of 2024

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