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  • Adrienne Frumberg

College Parent Survival Network Launches!

On September 15th, the College Parent Survival Network officially launched. I, along with Shayna Abraham of Prepare to Bloom and Joanna Lilley of Lilley Consulting co-founded this unique platform for vulnerable parents looking for support. These parents have current, former, or potential college students who have had struggles for various reasons including but not limited to, mental health, chronic health conditions, eating disorders, learning issues, and much more. As a member of CPSN, parents are able to participate in an online, confidential platform that includes two times a month support groups with other parents, guest lecturers, and the support of three consultants who specialize in working with students who have dealt with all of these concerns. If you or someone you know is interested in joining CPSN, you can learn more by clicking here. In order to find success, sometimes it takes a network.

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