• Adrienne Frumberg

Standardized Tests, College Tours & Applications in the Age of COVID-19

Accessible College and I hosted a webinar and Facebook Live stream on Monday, May 11, 2020. We discussed everything from going on virtual tours, to questions about standardized tests and applications, looking at how students with disabilities (LD, ADD, health conditions, mental health conditions, and physical disabilities) can effectively engage in the college search and application process in an online setting.


  1. Test-optional colleges

  2. How to Choose Colleges With Virtual Tours

  3. YouVisit

  4. COVID-19: Assessing Virtual College Tours for Students with Physical Disabilities & Health Conditions

  5. COVID-19 and College Accommodations

  6. SAT 

  7. ACT

  8. Webinar Recording: College Preparation for Students with Health Conditions and Physical Disabilities

  9. Tips for Transitioning to College with a Mobility Impairment

  10. Planning for College Tours-Tips for Students with Health Conditions and Physical Disabilities

  11. How Students With Disabilities, and Their Parents, Need To Prepare for College

  12. When Students with Health Conditions Transition to College

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