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  • Adrienne Frumberg

Starting Early: Preparing for College in Middle School

Starting early to prepare for college is a great idea! This can help you feel more control of a the process. Here are some ways middle school students can begin preparing for college:

  1. Focus on Academics: Maintain good grades and take challenging classes in a variety of subjects. This will help you develop important skills and show colleges your academic potential.

  2. Start Planning Finances: Begin to learn about the cost of college and start saving for it if possible. Consider college savings plans and scholarships that may be available.

  3. Get Involved: Participate in extracurricular activities and clubs that interest you. This will help build leadership skills and identify passions, which will be valuable to building a diverse and strong resume in high school.

  4. Volunteer: Find ways to give back to your community through volunteer work. This will not only help others, but also show colleges your dedication to making a positive impact. Being well-rounded is key!

  5. Research Colleges: Start researching colleges and universities to find the ones that align with your goals, values, and interests. Make a list of questions to ask when visiting or attending college fairs in the future.

Remember, it's never too early to start preparing for college! By taking these steps in middle school, you'll be on your way to a successful college experience.

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